Saturday, February 13, 2016


It's been four months since I saw him off at the airport. He was bound for Perth, Australia.

I knew it will be a bit of a challenge. I was never a fan of LDR but it's not very often when someone is presented an opportunity. I supported him, in fact I encouraged him; the same position in the same fast-food chain with better (at least 50% more) compensation and a great chance of becoming a permanent resident in his new country. It's very fortunate that we are on the same timezone, we face-time every night.

Two weeks ago, we celebrated our 3rd year. 
Two weeks from now, I'll be seeing him in Sydney.
It is going to be our first gay pride.
Life is good.

Happy hearts day y'all.


  1. Im excited for you to see him again :)

  2. Why, look who's in love. I barely know you, Orally, and what little I know of you isn't enough to form a shining assessment. But I am truly happy for you. Love is worth celebrating.

  3. Happy happy happy for you! :D