Monday, February 17, 2014

One. Won.

In daylights, in sunsets
In midnights, in cups of coffee

      mga nagbabagang labi. OA sa pula ha.

We were exchanging messages on whatsapp. I alighted the train as the clock struck 12. He told me to meet him at the bus stop next to the MRT station. It's where I would see him off after our date nights during our first few months. I gave him a quick hug, aware of the people around us waiting for their respective buses. I complimented him on his choice of shirt and that he smelled really good that night. I noticed the huge bag he's carrying and he mumbled something about training stuff from work.

"Aakyat tayo?" I asked. I was referring to the small park on the hilly part of the station. That park is somewhat important to us. We spent a couple of hours talking in that park on the night we met. It's where we first held hands. It's where we talked about the cities and places we wanted to visit together. It's where we had our first fight.

As we were climbing the steps, I pointed to the bench where we had our first kiss. He shook his head and gestured farther up. We settled in one of the gazebos, which actually surprised me as it wasn't  our usual spot.

As I was mumbling about the park being eerily dark and quiet, he started taking out the contents of the bag. First, a batik cloth which he carefully laid on the table, then a couple of  plates, two pairs of spoons and forks, some take outs, a huge mango cake and three colorful goblets made of plastic. He took out his hair wax too, and something leafy and a bottle of red wine. While he was doing this, he kept on apologizing that he couldn't find the right plates and glasses, and the right food as most restaurants were closed since it was day 1 of Chinese New Year, that he wasn't so sure about the wine, that he couldn't find some decent flowers,  and that maybe the whole thing wasn't such a good idea, that I might not like it.

"Pasensya ka na ha plastic ang wine glass natin.  Wala akong makitang roses kanina. At wala ring candle holder. Gusto ko lang maging masaya ka at maging memorable sayo tong anniversary natin. Nagaalala ako baka baduy. Gusto ko lang talaga na maging perfect ang gabing to"

I smiled. I held his hand and reassured him, that it was perfect, that it was more than perfect.


In inches, in miles
In laughter, in strife

Speaking of miles (no, we're not gonna talk inches here hihihihih) , we've visited a few more places since our 6th month.

     It was moonson season when we went to Krabi, (I know I know, should have checked the weather before booking the flight). Encountered huge waves during the island tours which scared the shit out of me. I thought the boat's going to capsize. Scariest 15 minutes of my life.

       Celebrated my birthday with him in Batam, Indonesia. The beach is so so but the hotel's jetty is damn photogenic, aaaaand the massage was cheap and good.

    Kalibo Atiatihan. I introduced him to my momma as a friend, Awwwwww

     Got wasted in Boracay. Pubcrawl was crazzzzy. That guy's uncut dick is huge.

       Truly Asia? not really but the seafood fried rice and chili crab were yummmmehh.

   Matchy matchy outfit on Christmas eve.


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