Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spotted: Spiderman and other celebrities

So Spidey came to town, and I was there to check out his bulge. I keeeed. No luck seeing Andrew Garfield in his tight Spidey suit. But really, thank heavens for the Earth Hour organizers and Sony Pictures, the cast descended on the red dot to kick off the event.

I was like ohmygawd this is like super level up compared to my celebrity sighting days in UP. I remember dragging my closeted cousin to UP Theater. We practically begged for tickets at the entrance to watch The Star Awards for movies. Sharon Cuneta was hosting, together with Aga Muhlach and Richard Gomez (I always thought Aga's bland and Richard's sex personified). Dayanara did a dance number. My cousin was so thrilled to shake hands with Charito Solis and had Mikee Cojuangco's autograph.

Years later, I would have a somewhat similar experience when a friend who was then working in ABS CBN gave me some passes to watch ASAP Live in PICC and the live taping of Sharon's show. I shared the experience with my cousin's househelp and a couple of neighbors who thanked me profusely for the chance to watch The Hunks performed live. I almost told her that I was super-kilig as well but I just smiled and said walang anuman. Nagwater talaga ako kay Piolo and Diether.

Yes, I'm baduy like that. So you can only imagine what a thrill it was to get up close with Hollywood stars, like 3-meter close, well, not close enough for a selfie.

The first to appear was Jamie Foxx
Then the funny Emma Stone
And finally Spiderman himself, the cutie pie Andrew Garfield.

A lot of foreign press. I was super hungry when Andrew Garfield finally made his entrance, that I went straight to a Ramen place after 15 minutes of staring and ogling. I was at the MBS around 5PM (one of the early birds to be inside the cordoned off area) , and the event started at 7PM, that's 2 fuckin hours of standing and waiting but as the bakya in me would say, it's totally worth it.

    Cute guy from some Indonesian TV station, who kept on shouting, anybody here from Indonesia, as he'd want no less than a kababayan to interview.

    Fierce lady from I dunno where

    Those twinks from Disney Channel, there's a cuter twink behind them actually.

    And the uber cute MTV Asia VJ Alan Wong. I though he's hotter than Andrew. He was singing along when Happy was played. Yeah, like clap along when you know what is happiness to you.

 Speaking of Andrew Garfield, check him out in yet another tortured role


  1. ay bonggels ka at nakita mo sila fr sharon to spidey casts ha!!! ibang level up naganap hihihi

    till now ba fan ka pa din ni sharon?

  2. Boom! I sort of like listening to Arcade Fire now :)