Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dance Dance Trance Trance, A repost. RIP Avicii

Okiepuke 2012 na talaga. And while some blogged about their new year's resolutions as their first entry for 2012, I am blogging about the biggest party I've been to in 2011- Zoukout, arguably the best dance music festival in the region.  I rarely use the word epic in my everyday speech but if there is one word to sum up the event then epic it is, or maybe that other overused word called awesome.

When the date of the event was announced, I began asking my girls if they could work that day, specifically to take the evening shift. I missed it last  year and there's no way that I'm gonna miss it's 11th installment. As early as 3rd week of November, I kept on badgering kumareng Peter to book our tickets online.

So ayun gorabels kami sa Siloso beach around 11pm. Mahalia Mendez ang ticket so balak namin ay pumuntang bangag na para di na masyadong gumastos sa alak. So bitbit ang kalahating bote ng Chivas (uu pangmatandang inuming hardcore hihihi) kumembot kami papuntang Sentosa. I'm sure nagawa nyo na in your high school life in my highschool life ang ilagay ang alak sa water bottle. 

kumare and me, palakihan ng mouth. chot
*fectyur deleted* sorry naman sa latecummers

Zoukout 2011 was headlined by the undisputed trance king Armin van Buuren but it was the child prodigy  Avicii who I was most excited about

Avicii opened his set (around 3am) with Fade Into Darkness aka Penguin. If you're a Leona Lewis fan then you're familiar with this track as her single Collide used a heavy sampling of this song

Three stages/arena were erected across Siloso beach. Arena A being the most happening
Oh the Love Generation dude was here too.

Neighbor Malaysia represent


Here's yet another popular track from the wunderkind of house music-  "Levels" with the the deep vocals of Etta James (Something's Got a Hold of Me)

                    ano kaya ang feeling nang may betlog sa batok? define stiff neck charls

After Avicii's 2-hour set came the main event, the king of trance himself Armin van Buuren. I guess his intro summed up Zoukout

Music is a universal religion
It's stronger than boundaries or any belief
Everyone's taste in music is unique
But there is something universal in our experience
An incredible power when all kinds of people put together
and celebrate life

Throughout his set, he kept the crowd in high spirits. The dude won't let you drop. If Avicii's music is eargasmic, AvB's  gave everyone multiples of it. His set started at 5am and he made sure no one felt the fatigue. .

                                                              papis everywhere

Grabe ang sayaaaaaa. Pamorningan ang tugsh tugsh. As in kahit pagoda cold wave lotion na ang katawang lupa ko, go pa rin, na when his set ended past 7am, nasa harapan nako as in super lapit ko na sa stage. Gaano kalapit? Ganito kalapit.

Hanapin nyo ko dyan sa video. Kung kilala mo akey, masasight-sung nyo ako around 0:06. ako yung naka yellow na may headband and green-framed glasses pero natakpan naman fezlak LOL

So yeah, the experience was awesome, epic and might as well add another overused gay word- surreal.

Thank you Zouk. Please bring Ingrosso and Alesso next time. And you might want to bring back Tiesto and Afrojack because I was so absent  and missed them last year and ok payn, that very mainstream Guetta too. Isama nyo na rin si DashBerlin para happy-happy.

Btw the pictures are all mine but the videos are well from youtube.
Here's one more clip if you enjoy this kind of music.
Besos to you and you and you.


  1. Partee animal ang peg ng lolah! Sana may ganyan lang invasion ng mga papa sa MOA! Hahaha! Chos. :)

  2. happy new year bien!wala ka pa din kupas sa gimikan ever!

  3. hongsoyosoyo naman!!!!pero parang di ko na ata keri ang ganitong mga tugs tugs UNLESS may.... hahaha

  4. hoy natutulog ka ba teh? haha

    btw ang hot nung may tatts sa arms hahaha

  5. nakakaloka patibayan sa party at alak.. buwis buhay teh? charot!

    a bekiful new year sayo! :)

  6. tang ina! nakaka hype yung mga tao sheeeeeeeeeeeet!

    na miss ko tuloy mag BED!


  7. These are my sounds - gym sounds nga lang. Please tell me, I'm not too old for these stuff. Pretty please.

  8. Pinakinggan ko talaga yung Fade Into Darkness ni Avicii. Well, found it, the clubbing spirit still stirs me. Puwede pa magpamorning. Hehe.

  9. Chunilee: gow sa shooting ng The Bourne Legacy, maraming fafa dun fur cher

    Mac: Wala akong kupas period.

    Mksurf8: Adeeeek ka hahaha. Gow teh, bumawi ka sa Songkran

  10. GreenBreaker: sabi nila, ang mga mabubuting tao ay nakakatulog ng maayos, so to answer your question, Yes Joe, I sleep peacefully at night. ansavehhhh

    Shena: Huwaw kung makamura, parang kapatid ng presidente. Gow lang ng Gow sa gimikan teh and a bekiful new year to you too

    Mugen: As they say, No one is ever too old for love. The same applies for music and dancing I guess. Cheers!

  11. Parteeyyyyyyyyyyy kong parteyyyyyyyyyy!

  12. Funness!

    Isa ito sa mga 101 things to do ko before i death.

    Envy much... but HAPPY NEW!!!!

  13. handaming nagaganap. ayoko ng masikip. ayoko ng mabaho. ayoko ng maputik. chos! mukhang ang saya ng partey jaan!!! pero aminin mo, #ItsmorefuninthePhilippines. ahahahahaha.

  14. Wow!

    Mabuti pa ang iba jan, party party lang to death!

    Mukhang enjoy na enjoy ah! DI nga? Hehe.

    O, plugging to death na yan, Papa ha? Sorry na. Hayaan mo na. hehe.

  15. Wow. That's what a PARTY should look like. Looks like you had a great time!

  16. Oh Gosh!!! I wanna experience this kind of party.... Looks wild... =)

  17. Tim: oh yesterday once more

    Kiks: gow teh

    RRT: LOLs, pasok ang segue

    Lasher: gusto ko rin ng plugging. charoz

    Garp: I sure did

    VV: It was.

  18. Hindi ako sanay mag-party. Naguguluhan ako.

    Siempre charot lang yan.

    Saya naman jan! :)